Nemesis Soundtrack

1. Remus
2. The Box
3. My Right Arm
4. Odds and Ends
5. Repairs
6. The Knife
7. Ideals
8. The Mirror
9. The Scorpion
10. Lateral Run
11. Engage
12. Final Flight
13. A New Friend
14. A New Ending


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Enterprise Soundtrack

Prijs € 25,90

James Darren: Because Of You

1: Just One Of Those Things
2: My Kind Of Girl
3: Can't Take My Eyes Of You
4: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
5: More Today Then Yesterday
6: Blame It On My Youth
7: Because Of You
8: Good Life
9: I'm A Fool To Want You
10: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
11: Our Day Will Come
12: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
13: My Old Flame
14: Dream A Little Dream Of Me.

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The Best of Star Trek Vol. 2

Prijs € 22,70

1. Star Trek: Original Series (Main Title)
2. Suite From "Corbimite Maneuver"
3. Suite From "Balance Of Terror"
4. Suite From "What Are Little Girls Made Of"
5. In The Chapel (from "Balance Of Terror")
6. Theme From Star Trek - (Lounge mix)
7. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Main Title)
8. Suite From "Way Of The Warrior"
9. Suite (from "Way Of The Warrior")
10. Suite (from "Way Of The Warrior")
11. Suite (from "Way Of The Warrior")
12. Fever (from "His Way") - Nena Visitor
13. Star Trek: Voyager (Main Title)
14. Suite From "Bride Of Chaotica"
15. Suite (from "Bride Of Chaotica")
16. Suite (from "Bride Of Chaotica")
17. Suite (from "Bride Of Chaotica")
18. Suite (from "Bride Of Chaotica")
19. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title)
20. Suite From "All Good Things"
21. Suite (from "All Good Things")
22. Suite (from "All Good Things")
23. Suite (from "All Good Things")
24. Suite (from "All Good Things")

James Darren: This One's from the Heart

(Holodeck zanger Vic Fontain uit Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

1. Best Is Yet To Come, The
2. Come Fly With Me
3. That Old Black Magic
4. All The Way
5. It's Only A Paper Moon
6. I've Got The World On A String
7. You Better Love Me
8. Sophisticated Lady
9. Just In Time
10. I've Got You Under My Skin
11. Way You Look Tonight, The
12. Here's To The Losers
13. You're Nobody `Til Somebody Loves You
14. Dancing In The Dark
15. Night And Day
16. I'll Be Seeing You
17. Satin Doll

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